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Chapter 1: The Climate of Post-War America Chapter 2: West Virginia - The Violent Heritage Chapter 3: Political Maneuvering Chapter 4: The Creative Act of 1919 Chapter 5: Getting Organized PART II Chapter 6: The Mine Wars, 1919-1929 Chapter 7: Depression and Recovery, 1929-1939 Chapter 8: War Service, 1939-1949 Whoo-whee, New Martinsville! The Blue Ridge Mountains are a physiographic province of the larger Appalachian Mountains range. Generations later, a descendant of Martin Fugate, Benjy Stacy, would be born "blue". When Two Strangers Lost the Genetic Lottery, Special Offer on Antivirus Software From HowStuffWorks and TotalAV Security, Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications, reactions to certain topical pain relievers. Legend has it that Martin himself may have had a blue tinge to his skin, but not the dark blue color of later Fugates. They lived in isolation and married the girl next door, even if they had the same last name, and consequently passed the gene on to many generations. The search for blue people ensued. He injected the Ritchie siblings with 100 milligrams of the blue dye and didn't have to wait long to see results. Most of them old people went by that name the blue Fugates. After analyzing all cities with a decent amount of people in them, we came up with this list as The Most Redneck Cities in West Virginia: Many of these are types of places where old redneck ladies drive their motorized wheelchairs down the middle of town, towing their grandkids in a wagon. Faris, David. As travel became easier, more people moved into and out of the Fugates area of Kentucky, including some actual Fugates. Major Occupational Groups in West Virginia ( Note --clicking a link will scroll the page to the occupational group): 00-0000 All Occupations 11-0000 Management Occupations 13-0000 Business and Financial Operations Occupations 15-0000 Computer and Mathematical Occupations 17-0000 Architecture and Engineering Occupations Cawein needed fresh blood to do an enzyme assay. Not myth or legend; The Blue People of Kentucky were an isolated enclave of Appalachian people who lived with an embarrassing skin discoloration until a young hematologist took notice and found a solution. The lightness or darkness of the blue depends on the amount of the substance the person has circulating in them from birth. She lives alone in one of the. Read on below to see where your town ranked. It wasn't always this way. This led to the propagation of the genetic condition that gave them their distinctive blue skin color. The man who discovered the cure for methemoglobinemia was Madison Cawein III, a hematologist (blood doctor) at the University of Kentucky who heard tales of the "blue people" and went looking for specimens in the 1960s. Cawein, Madison and E.J. Everyone knew the blue Fugates were healthy people. Google Maps, Cowboy Up Bar, Bluefield, WV. Population: 6,427High school graduation rate: 70%Bars per capita: 1st in WVMobile home parks per capita: 1st. Got a question about todays news? The Wilson Family of West Virginia. This is redneck wonderland. He came from where the sun don't shine. The following piece was collected at a dinner table with a group of girls out celebrating a friends birthday. We see fit that they will grow up to be strong holler girls or boys. "I started asking them questions: 'Do you have any relatives who are blue?' Several familes moved elsewhere after being bought out. Set in West Virginia, it features cannibalistic mountain men, horribly disfigured from generations of incest. Born Jan. 16, 1869, in Marion County, Ephraim Franklin Morgan went on to become one of West Virginia's governors. RoadSnacks is reader-supported. This condition does, in fact, cause blue-tinted. Stumped, the doctor turned to the medical literature for a clue. The inbreeding caused the recessive gene to appear in both parents. The gene is still around today but has now become statistically insignificant and there are no serious medical problems associated with it. The blueness increases with increasing methemoglobin levels. Houses belonging to people that lived in the valley were mostly torn down. It is the color of oxygen-depleted blood seen in the blue veins just below the skin. In 1980, a counter-intuitive solution was discovered where the blue person drinks a chemical-filled solution that is itself blue. 2022 Science Classroom Teacher Resources. Typically, the blue is isolated to one part of the body. Finally, one day when the frustrated doctor was idling inside the Hazard clinic, Patrick and Rachel Ritchie walked in. If theyd immigrated to other areas, even other areas of Kentucky, they likely would have married non-relatives, and the condition would have faded out of the family long before it did. The female's primary color is light cinnamon with darker-colored wings. He concluded that inbreeding levels in Appalachia [are neither] unique [n]or particularly common to the region, when compared with those reported for populations elsewhere or at earlier periods in American history.. And a Walmart all to their own. After concluding that there was no evidence of heart disease, I said Aha! I started asking them questions: Do you have any relatives who are blue? then I sat down and we began to chart the family., Cawein remembers the pain that showed on the Ritchie brothers and sisters faces. 2019 Foreign-Born Population 30.2k people As of 2020, 1.64% of West Virginia residents (29.6k people) were born outside of the United States, which is lower than the national average of 13.5%. Additional comment actions. In response, Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia railed against the veep, accusing him of astounding ignorance toward his own countrymen. Howd West Virginia get a reputation for inbreeding? Many of us have college degrees, are nurses, teachers, preachers and well-educated women. score: 5 of 27 (18%) required scores: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 list stats leaders vote Vote print comments. We do not feel less-fortunate. He was born in the 1970s in a maternity ward of Hazard, Kentucky. The boy inherited his fathers lankiness and his mothers slightly nasal way of speaking. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All lived in isolation from the world, bunched in log cabins up and down the hollows, and so it was only natural that a boy married the girl next door, even if she had the same last name. Green human are possible. West Virginia Get facts and photos about the 35th state. Archives of Internal Medicine, April, 1964.2. She also states that the union of Martin and Elizabeth were probably not the originators of the gene as their marriage took place too late. Rednecks are hailed as being great in our song lyrics. It would be hard to doubt this gracious man except that you cant find another person who knew Luna who doesnt remember her as being blue. The distinct gold-and-blue color scheme and Flying WV logo we've come to adore did not exist at that point. Woodburn Hall at West Virginia University in Morgantown (old gold and blue are the official University colors); photo by Swimmerguy269 on Wikipedia (use permitted with attribution / share alike). by Cathy TrostScience82, November, 1982. She and her husband Alva have a strong sense of family. It was later discovered ascorbic acid can do this, as well. In people with methemoglobinemia, the skin appears blue because the veins beneath the skin are coursing with dark blue blood. Despite those incredible odds, this is exactly what happened with the Fugates. The 76-year-old diva used the less than divine choice of words for the Mountain State in a Twitter against Sen. Joe Manchin torpedoing President Biden's multitrillion-dollar spending plans. The Fugates are of French Huguenot descent, with the original immigrant ancestor coming over from France in about 1820. This small enclave was no longer isolated and they began to disperse and marry outside of their little clan diminishing the effect of the "blue" gene. All them old fellers way back then was blue. Her face and her fingernails were almost indigo blue. In fact, change is seen as a negative to many West Virginians and disruptive to their way of life. She told me that her family was the blue Combses who lived up on Ball Creek. Have you ever heard of the blue people of Kentucky? 702 ft (214 m) Time zone: UTC-5 (Eastern (EST)) Summer : UTC-4 (EDT) GNIS ID: 1549599: Blue is an unincorporated community in Tyler County, West Virginia, United States. Ask the Explainer. Before Cawein ended his study of the blue people, he returned to the mountains to patch together the long and twisted journey of Martin Fugates recessive gene. Like this guy: Most of the Blue Fugates died off, hopefully because they decided to give the incest a rest for a while, and so its not often that one runs into a blue person on the street anymore. So you can tell if someone is a product of incest if their skin is blue! Trudging up and down the hollows, fending off the two mean dogs that everyone had in their front yard, the doctor and the nurse would spot someone at the top of a hill who looked blue and take off in wild pursuit. Population: 10,486Mobile home parks in area: 3rd in WVBars per capita: 3rdGun stores per capita: 5th in West Virginia. '"He was almost purple,"' his father, Alva Stacy, recalls." One came from a blue Flugate whod joined the Army and been sent to Panama, where his son was born bright blue. Sometimes they married first cousins. Since rail lines and paved roads didn't make it out to Troublesome Creek for nearly a century, the blue recessive gene was passed down to generations of Fugates and neighboring families, all of whom came to be known as "the blue people of Kentucky.". The range of blue that could express itself in the blue Fugates ranged from light blue to dark blue like a blueberry, with even darker blue on the lips and fingernail beds. While the substance isnt harmful, large amounts of it will tint any tissue that has blood flowing to it a blue color. Published. She was a sister to one of the Fugate women. About this same time, another of the blue Combses, named Luke, had taken his sick wife up to the clinic at Lexington. He was a French orphan who knew nothing of his lineage. Most lived to their 80s and 90s without serious illness associated with the skin discoloration. Little Blue Run in Chester West Virginia is gone 8/8/2004: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review writes about Little Blue Run: Dangerous disposal, by Alyson Walls . This publication also contains information on state and federal agencies; postal information; the Constitutions of the United States and West Virginia; and, considerable information on counties, municipalities and various organizations. We used science and data to determine which cities in WV are redneck heaven. The enzyme eventually builds to normal levels in most children and to almost normal levels in those like Benjy, who carry one gene. Cawein got lucky when a brother and sister named Patrick and Rachel Ritchie walked into a Hazard County clinic. Levy married a Ritchie girl and bought 200 acres of rolling land along Ball Creek. I can see that old blue running out of my skin, he confided. It can be brought on by several things: abnormal hemoglobin formation, an enzyme deficiency, and taking too much of certain drugs, including vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting and is abundant in pork liver and vegetable oil. Mountain People. On a hypothesis, he gave a substance called methylene blue to family members who were willing to take it. The bluest Fugates I ever saw was Luna and her kin, says Carrie Lee Kilburn, a nurse who works at the rural medical center called Homeplace Clinic. Benjamin Stacy was the last of the Fugate family members to have blue skin and lived a healthy life. When you click through real estate links on our site, we earn an affiliate commission. Had you guys just ditched school even more, you might have won this whole thing. All rights reserved. Cawein and his colleagues published their research on hereditary diaphorase deficiency in the Archives of Internal Medicine (April, 1964) in 1964. You couldve done even better than that. Wingspan: 6.3-8.3 in (Black-Capped), 5.9-7.9 in (Carolina) Chickadees are tiny little birds that are very easy to recognize because of their "black cap" and black bib. So I knew we had the defect defined.. He remembered that the Ritchie siblings "were really embarrassed about being blue." 8 November 2021. It reduced the brightness of the blue on their skin. Everyone knew the blue Fugates were healthy people. 2,999 100 . There are other ways to get blue skin without inheriting it, though. Comet C/2022 E3 was first discovered by the Zwicky Transient Facility, a public-private partnership aimed at a systematic study of the optical night sky. They were poor people, concurs Nurse Pendergrass, but they were good.References1. "They vary in color from white to black, often have blue eyes and straight hair, and they are generally industrious. Dark blue lips and fingernails are the only traces of Martin Fugates legacy left in the boy; that, and the recessive gene that has shaded many of the Fugates and their kin blue for the past 162 years. You might actually call Hurricane home of the rednecks with paychecks. Theyre normal people theyre good people. The region's first coal miners primarily were African Americans, both enslaved and free. The blue skin gene is a recessive gene that only appears when both parents are carriers of the gene. Lives in the south or midwest (or West Virginia), Walmarts, Golden Corrals, Bass Pro Shops, and Dollar Generals nearby. When you look at the numbers, its clear that most of Moundsville is a buncha fun-lovin rednecks. She had been out in the cold and she was just blue! recalls Pendergrass, who is now 69 and retired from nursing. Days of testing provided no answers; but then Benjy's grandmother told the doctor a story about the "blue" Fugates. The first known ancestor was David Wilson, who was born in Scotland about 1650; he had a son David, born about . Well, there are more intriguing blue things in Kentucky than just the moon. Admitted to the union as the 35th state in 1863, it is a relatively small state. It's also, in part, out of fear. It was hard to get out, so they intermarried, says Dennis Stacy, a 51-year-old coal miner and amateur genealogist who has filled a loose-leaf notebook with the laboriously traced blood lines of several local families. Sit back, relax, and read the amazing but true genetic tale of the Blue People of Kentucky. In other words, to get the disorder, a person would have to inherit two genes for it, one from each parent. Her name was Ruth Pendergrass, and she had been trying to stir up medical interest in the blue people ever since a dark blue woman walked into the county health department one bitterly cold afternoon and asked for a blood test. What neither she nor Martin could have known is that they both carried the recessive gene for a rare hereditary blood disorder called methemoglobinemia. Written family records do not indicate Martin's skin color, but family legend says he was blue. Some sources claim their are no blue . He married a red-haired American named Elizabeth Smith with a very pale complexion. Definitely not a poaching bunch, these Hurricane rednecks. Researchers believe this to truly be the case, a result of the family suffering from a genetic condition called methemoglobinemia, which is an excess of methemoglobin in the red blood cells of the body. Google Maps. No mention of his skin color is made in the early histories of the area, but family lore has it that Martin himself was blue. If this conversion continued, all the bodys hemoglobin would eventually be rendered useless. By the end of this spectacular journey, you'll be saying "I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT JUST HAPPENED BUT I LOOOVED IT." Read more Blue Man Group 4,830 reviews The West Virginia motto is Montani semper liberi, and the state is one of the most mountainous in the country; sometimes it is called the "little Switzerland" of America, and once I heard an irreverent local citizen call it the "Afghanistan of the United States."The precipitous upland nature of the terrain makes naturally for three things: (1) poor communications; (2) fierce sectionalism; (3 . Using Yelp and Google Maps, this is the criteria we used: Note: For the sake of getting reliable numbers, we counted places within a citys border, as well as within a short driving distance. This then turns the carriers blood into a normal red hue which is then reflected in a change in skin tone. For more than a century, these Appalachian families passed along an exceedingly rare genetic blood condition that turned their skin a disarming shade of blue. Population: 5,626High school graduation rate: 72%Gun stores per capita: 5th in WVFishing/bait per capita: 3rd in the state. Soon, the Fugates became known as the Blue Fugates of Kentucky. She gets upset at all the talk of inbreeding among the Fugates. So close! Fugates married other Fugates. In online research, there was no mention made of "blue" people as recorded in the genealogy book, The Fugate Family of Russell County Virginia, published in 1986, but it has been confirmed in the Fugate discussions on the Genforum. Population: 18,763Bars per capita: 6th in West VirginiaFishing/bait shops per capita: 4thMobile home parks per capita: 5th. You have the official bragging rights as being named the most redneck city in the entire state of West Virginia. Its nothing.. Population: 6,306Walmart rank: 2ndMobile home parks: 5th in the stateBars per person: 5th in West Virginia. It is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland and Virginia to the east, Kentucky to the southwest, and Ohio to the northwest. The Fugate family intermarried with a neighbouring family for generations, which led to a relatively pure gene pool, often including the met-H gene. In alphabetical order, these counties are: Barbour, Berkeley, Boone, Braxton, Brooke, Cabell, Calhoun, Clay, Doddridge, Fayette, Gilmer, Grant, Greenbrier, Hampshire, Hancock, Hardy, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Kanawha, Lewis, Lincoln, Logan, Marion, Marshall, Mason, McDowell, Mercer, Mineral, Mingo, Monongalia, Monroe, Morgan, Nicholas, Ohio, That was the pain of being blue in a world that is mostly shades of white to black. Of their seven children, four were blue. Laughing, the Informant launched into a story of the "West Virginia Blue People", a story about a genetic condition the resulted from intermarriage. Population: 5,258Walmart rank: 1stChew factor: 1stAmmo per capita: 9th. They just accepted it as a part of who they were. Exaggeration-prone outsiders. Fear that more inflation will cost jobs. Cut off from contact with the wider population, they married cousins, aunts and other closely related kin, which greatly increased the odds of inheriting the condition. Where people have deer horns on their hoods. Feb. 22, 2012 -- Benjamin "Benjy" Stacy so frightened maternity doctors with the color of his skin -- "as Blue as Lake Louise" -- that he was rushed just hours after his birth in 1975 to . There was a Zachariah Fugate who was married to a Mary Smith; both carried the gene which resulted in blue children. valley in the mountains in West Virginia with a barn and cows visible West Virginia Mountains Fall Foliage The Mountain Spruce Fall Colors Beautiful Pictures Start your free trial today to learn more about your ancestors using our powerful and intuitive search. He helped isolate an antidote for cholera, and he did some of the early work on L-dopa, the drug for Parkinsons disease. The condition that made the Fugates blue causes large amounts of methemoglobin (which is a blue type of hemoglobin) to circulate in the blood. In 1980, anthropologist Robert Tincher published a study titled Night Comes to the Chromosomes: Inbreeding and Population Genetics in Southern Appalachia, based on 140 years worth of marriage records. If you stayed awake in high-school biology, you might remember that blood is red because red blood cells are packed with proteins called hemoglobin. At last they were free of their "blue" shade and were no longer embarrassed. It is almost certain that Martin was a descendant of the Fugate family of Russell County, Virginia and probably of French origin. Besides the number of bars, mobile home parks and places to buy shotguns, its at the base of the hills, where you know the deer and turkey probably walk right into town. Normally diaphorase converts methemoglobin back to hemoglobin. The last known "blue" Fugate descendant was born in 1975. It began whenMartin Fugate, aFrench orphan, settled on the banks of eastern Kentuckys Troublesome Creek to claim a land grant in the early 19th century. by F. William Sunderman, J.B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia PA, 1964. Benjy was a pretty big item in the hospital, his mother says with a grin. Informant: "So, what my brother told me is that there's a story that there are people in the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia, near the campus I guess, and there is skin is blue. Cawein cheers their bad luck not out of malice but out of a deep respect for the blue people of Troublesome Creek. T he West Virginia senator Joe Manchin has emerged as one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the passing of Joe Biden's ambitious domestic agenda, declaring he will vote against a key voting. When they settled this country back then, there was no roads. Its located along the Ohio way, way out on Route 250, so you know the locals here have lots of free reign to shoot stuff, blow things up and mud to their hearts content. Sometimes, it can be really faint though, so you have to look closely at their lips or fingernails. Is there anything really wrong with being called a West Virginia redneck? One day, one of the older mountain men cornered the doctor. The good news for those who may still be born expressing the blue gene is that there is a treatment. "If you took any random person in the population, maybe one in 100,000 would carry this gene, if that many," says Ricki Lewis, a science writer and author of the textbook "Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications," now in its 13th edition. All rights reserved. What he got from Martin Fugate was dark blue skin. The railroad didnt come through eastern Kentucky until the coal mines were developed around 1912, and it took another 30 or 40 years to lay down roads along the local creeks. Cawein packed his black bag and rounded up Nurse Pendergrass for the big event. type to search . Some of us finished high school and became the "dreaded wife and mother"-as society portrays it. The Faces of Appalachia. "They were bluer'n hell," said Cawein in a 1982 interview with Science 82. At 55%, people may feel extremely lethargic and go in and out of consciousness. We just have our own way of life. Of their seven children, four were reported to be blue. Well, as you can imagine, I really examined them. The company's filing status is listed as Revoked (Failure To File Annual Report) and its File Number is 45369. Plus, we thought why not add in a few stereotypes? A transfusion was being prepared when Benjys grandmother spoke up. Just like the Alaskans, their blood had accumulated so much of the blue molecule that it over- whelmed the red of normal hcmoglobin that shows through as pink in the skin of most Caucasians. And unleash your spirit. The area was never entirely cut off, but many people lived in remote closed communities with little incoming or outgoing migration. Cawein eventually found a small population of people in the back woods of Appalachia, many with a blue skin disorder. Eventually, Cawein gained their trust and began taking blood samples. Benjy was born in a maternity ward near Hazard, Kentucky and was rushed by ambulance to a medical clinic in Lexington to find help for his blue problem. Martin and Elizabeth had seven children, four of whom were "bright blue" according to Fugate family lore. Big deal, ive got an extra thumb, and twelve toes, but at least my parents didnt know they were twins until after they had me. West By God is right. Upon discovering the blue members of the Fugate family were perfectly healthy in every other way, Cawein decided to try some experiments to see if the blue color could be treated. Have you ever heard of the blue Fugates of Troublesome Creek? she asked the doctors. Martin and Elizabeth had seven children, four of whom were blue; the recessive gene meant there was a 25 percent chance of each pregnancy resulting in a blue child. Grafton has the highest percentage of its population that didnt finish high school. ELVIS SEEN AT GRACELAND ON HIS 85th BIRTHDAY! They werent sick; it was just the way they look. Dr. Cawein injected the dye into the volunteers, and they were amazed to see how quickly their skin changed from blue to a healthy pink, then gradually to a Caucasian white. The area was never. And by God, they didnt have the enzyme diaphorase. The Fugate Family of Russell County, Virginia: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Francis, Benjamin, Colbert, Zachariah, Henley & William Fugate, Settlers of Moccasin Valley from 1772. By 1850, approximately half of Kanawha County's slaves worked in the salt industrymany mined coal to fuel the furnaces. Theres lots of trucks in Grafton, WV. The expedition descended that river to Peter's Falls on the future Virginia-West Virginia border and claimed for England all the land drained by the New River and its tributaries. The gold of the helmet did not reflect the gold utilized in our colors today. It is home to so much creativity, and has been a place of devastating poverty. Where people wear camo to church. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'roadsnacks_net-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',606,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-roadsnacks_net-medrectangle-3-0');Using that criteria, its not hard to scrape the internet, run some scientific data on where rednecks might live in West Virginia, and then put out a list. So, hold our beers and watch this. Edit Old Gold & Blue Page Blow your mind. John Stacy still lives on Lick Branch of Ball Creek. Cancel any time, no strings attached. We use data, analytics, and a sense of humor to determine the dirt on places across the country. So you know theres some good fishin there. The clinic doctors only saw her a few times in her life and never for anything serious. For the first time in their lives, they were pink. Theyre known simply as the blue people in the hills and hollows around Troublesome and Ball Creeks. Their inbreeding led to several medical problems and recessive genes being passed down through each child, such as one that gave some of the offspring blue skin. They have the 2nd most bars and the 2nd most trailer/mobile home parks per capita in the state. In 1820, Martin Fugate, who is believed to have been blue, moved to Troublesome Creek from France and just happened to shack up with Elizabeth Smith, who also carried the gene. Cawein advised giving the child methylene blue and not worrying about it. Research on intrafamilial marriage in such enclaves is slim. Because the Fugate family lived in such an isolated part of the Kentucky, they intermarried with a neighboring family for generations which led to a relatively pure gene pool where the met-H gene appeared much more frequently. This information supplied by John Graves whose uncle was the father of the child. Explainer thanks Edwin Arnold of Appalachian State University, Anthony Harkins of Western Kentucky University, and David Hsiung of Juniata College. Martin Fugate carried the recessive gene and the odds that he could have married a woman with the same recessive gene were overwhelming - but that is exactly what happened. Oh, and they had blue skin. She shuns modern conveniences. If youre analyzing smaller cities in West Virginia with blue collar workers, where people have lots of options for drinking, smoking, hunting and Walmarting, this is an accurate list. But there around 10 or 15 Dollar Stores in the area. The notion of widespread inbreeding was at least in part the result of crude assumptions about how these isolated forest people might have been perpetuating their communities. It is documented that Fugates were born in the colonies in the mid 1600's but the original progenitor has not been confirmed. Benjy lost his blue tint within a few weeks, and now he is about as normal looking a seven-year-old boy as you could hope to find. However, only 89% are white, and a whopping 83% finished high school. In 2014, the lowest-cost bronze plan in the WV exchange was an average of $280/month, higher than the national average of $249. Stacy recalls that his father-inlaw, Levy Fugate, was part of the family that showed blue. Once he had the enzyme deficiency isolated, methylene blue sprang to Caweins mind as the perfectly obvious antidote. And at least in one famous case, a man turned his skin permanently blue from drinking too much colloidal silver supplements and rubbing colloidal silver cream on his skin (the condition is called argyria or silver poisoning). The risk skyrockets if you're sharing blood.". Hemoglobin gets its red color from a compound called heme that contains an iron atom. The company's principal address is Tuckers Run Rd . It like to scared me to death! 2 Cause, you know, rednecks like to hunt, drink, smoke and shoot things. While in the hills, Cawein drove over to see Zach (Big Man) Fugate, the 76-year-old patriarch of the clan on Troublesome Creek. One of the girls, the Informant, was discussing an upcoming trip to visit her brother at West Virginia University. West Virginia's population has grown very slowly since the 1950s, at many times losing people .

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